Week 5 | Noise Detoxes Are a Thing: How Cars Honking, Cell Phones Ringing, Lawnmowers and Other Soun

Audio Guide --- I grew up in the suburbs of Maryland. I was blessed to grow up right outside Washington DC - in fact my upbringing was that which you would think one would be growing up right outside of our nation’s capital. From 1st - 12th grade, I went to Sidwell Friends which is the current and former school of Chelsea Clinton, the Obama Daughters, Joe Biden’s grandchildren and even President Roosevelt and Richard Nixon’s children attended my alma mater. I preferred the city over home, for me I found my small town in Maryland to be too quiet. I go home about once a month to visit my parents and I often find it hard to sleep because the silence is deafening - I am so used to the city soun

Week 4 | To Stay Together, You Must Be Apart: Why I May Consider Sleeping in a Separate Bedroom Than

Audio Guide --- According to my own personal observations, that include having lived in New York City for 6 years + commentary from my mostly single girlfriends, I have come to the conclusion that the average length of a budding relationship in the city is 4 weeks: Week 1 - Boy and girl arrange to see each other Week 2 - Boy is into girl and pursues her Week 3 - Girl realizes she likes boy and starts reciprocating Week 4 - Boy stops texting Like clockwork, by a month’s end, my girlfriends and I are usually left commiserating about what went wrong - at most what has usually transpired is the passage of time that is 4 weeks. Even though I know what to expect and I shouldn’t be surprised by wha

Week 3 | Play is Essential to Human Intelligence and Innovation: The Power of Play and Why I Go To B

Audio Guide --- I am 30 something years old and I love to dance around my bedroom with my roommate's cat - yes he runs away from me most times, but his disinterest doesn’t preclude me from getting down like nobody's watching - I hope nobody's watching... My name is Nana I am an adult who loves to play. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, the Ted Radio Hour by NPR and in one particular episode called, ‘Press Play’, my pursuit to play was scientifically justified! Yes, I am over the age of 7, but I have a playful personality and apparently this is great for both health and happiness. Why Should We Play Even Into Adulthood? What is play? Google defines it as engaging 'in activity fo

Week 2 | Does Intermittent Fasting Lead to a Longer Life? Here's How I Fast Everyday

Audio Guide How I Discovered Fasting While I had heard about it here and there, I didn’t really buy into fasting until I heard it discussed on Sam Harris’ podcast titled ‘From Cells to Cities’, where Harris interviewed theoretical physicist, Geoffrey West. The prescribed gains of fasting that include the obvious, weight loss struck me - but what was more drawing was West’s conclusion that the scientific community was mounting evidence and data supporting the fact that fasting can lead to a longer life. The Theory Behind How Fasting Increases Life Span On the podcast ‘From Cells to Cities’, West perfectly explains the theory behind why caloric restriction leads to a longer life span. He expla

Week 1 | The Science Behind Yoga

Audio Guide --- I was a 2 time All American volleyball player for UCLA. Training was intense, we lived in the gym. For preseason we would spend a couple of weeks in the mountains for high altitude training, but regularly after an hour of lifting weights, conditioning + sprints on the track and 3 hours of practice, our coaches used to make us meet up and do this thing called yoga with a man named Jack who smelled like vanilla perfume. My days as a fast twitch athlete at the most winningest athletic school in the country, where the condition of your body was everything, is where I first encountered this practice of both mind AND body. I've carried it with me ever since, including every Januar

Welcome to Wellness

What does it take to be happy? I mean truly happy - walking down the street and smiling for no reason, happy. For so long my mental health has been pegged to whether a guy texted me back or if someone brought cupcakes to work - frivolous things that do not allow for sustained happiness and health. On top of all of that, how was 2008 ten years ago! Life is moving so fast, it's passing me by....I fear that I am no longer present, no longer taking time to just be in a moment. And so for the next 52 weeks I'm diving into this thing called wellness: I'm trying new things, putting in an effort to be more mindful + present and figuring out the science behind all that it is I choose to do - what it

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