Week 9 | Our Brains Are Aging By The Second and Many Things You Are Doing Are Damaging It: 10 Ways t

In a couple of terrifying instances, I have experienced - once right in front of me - what it is like when your brain malfunctions, short circuits if you will, and stops working as it should. Both top the list as the scariest days of my life - I won’t get into the details, but taking care of this complex organ a part of our central nervous system, if it isn’t already, should start to be a standout priority for you. Age by Age What Happens to Our Brain As We Get Older 20s A quote from MIT properly summarizes a twenty something year old’s brain: “As a number of researchers have put it, 'the rental car companies have it right.' The brain isn't fully mature at 16, when we are allowed to drive, o

Week 8 | Dating Apps Don’t Work: The Science Behind Why Dating and Relationships These Days Are Brok

I once lived with a girl, we will call her Cindy. She was possessed by dating apps, constantly and obsessively on the hunt for a partner in life. I don’t blame her. I read a great book, The Lonely City, and the author Olivia Laing explained it best: “The midpoint of my 30s, an age at which female aloneness is no longer socially sanctioned and carries with it a persistent whiff of strangeness, deviance and failure.” At the peak of her desperation to not be labeled an old maid at the elderly age of 32, Cindy one Saturday booked 3 dates in less than 12 hours! While I slothfully became one with my couch, binging on books and Netflix documentaries, Cindy every few hours would burst in and out of

Week 7 | Sugar, The Stuff Kills: Why I Live a High Fiber, Low Carb Lifestyle and What That Even Mean

One of my favorite things to do when it starts to get warm in New York City and through summer is on Friday afternoons after work, I take the train down from my office in midtown to Soho. I visit my favorite bakery, pick up a cupcake and perch on the steep neighborhood stairs that overlook Soho’s signature cobblestone streets. People watching while satisfying my sweet tooth used to make for a perfect afternoon. Come this spring you can most probably still find me in Soho at week’s end, but most recently I have resolved to kick my addiction of the sweet stuff. Red flags such as sugar promoting the retention of fat in the body and recent studies linking sugar to cancer have led me to become a

Week 6 | Cardio vs Weights: Which Should We Be Doing?

Audio Guide ------ I mentioned this in my very first article for Well, There's This, but I played volleyball in college for UCLA. At the time UCLA had more national championships than any other school in the nation and so for 4 years I was lucky enough to literally be training with the most premiere and distinguished collegiate athletes in the country. Regardless the mornings that called for 7am sprints and agilities on the track were usually met half asleep, delirious, and reluctant. I remember one morning, as we readied for another round of sprints at the top of the track, a probable neighbor of UCLA out for her morning jog, ran passed us. Mid stride she yelled over to us, 'you all should

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