Week 13 | Put Your Darn Phone Down: It’s Scientifically Proven That Your Digital Device Is Ruining Y

(Audio Guide) I know a guy who when he goes on a first date, he leaves his phone at home. How wonderful and rare! In fact, when was the last time you boarded an elevator and relished in the awkwardness that is standing next to strangers without pulling out your phone? Have you ever looked around your Uber pool to realize everyone (including the driver!) is scrolling through their screens? I suppose apples have always been an eerie temptation for us humans. When it comes to the science behind it all, studies are showing that you don't even have to be using it, but the mere sight of a cell phone, on say a table during a business meeting or on the bar beside you during a date, has serious and t

Week 12 | A Convincing Argument and Surprising New Way to Meditate

Beneath Ai Wei Wei's Tree #11 (Audio Guide) I will admit, I am new to this meditation thing. With noted benefits that sitting still with yourself allows for anti-aging, reduced stress, increased self awareness, and more, I have been trying to incorporate this practice into my day to day, admittedly with definite inconsistency. I came across an article in Artsy and a study out of NIH that I thought I would share - both provide convincing argument and offer variations in practice that have persuaded me - and hopefully you - to somehow soothe a way into more consistency. A Variation In Practice: Meditating with Art An article recently ran in Artsy that argued for sitting in front of one piece o

Week 11 | My Morning Go-Tos: The Benefits of High Fat Coffee and Chlorophyll Water In The Morning

--Audio Guide-- Week 2 of Well There’s This had me talking about intermittent fasting and how for the first few hours of the day I restrict my intake of food and for a total window of 15 or 16 hours per day. There are many benefits to restricting calories for a majority of the day which I do mostly overnight to make fasting easier, but come morning I drink a series of low-caloric liquids to set my body right. Dr. Josh Axe explains, “if you're on a time-restricted fast and you're in no-eating hours, it's best to stick to no- or low-calorie drinks like water, coffee (with no milk), and tea” (Pop Sugar). My morning intake of fluids is low calorie and has to do with allowing my body certain he

Week 10 | Detox The Air Around You: NASA Approved Indoor Plants To Have Around Your Home

--Audio Guide-- . According to news from the Environmental Protection Agency, we spend 90% of our time indoors - unfortunately, inside air is not necessarily good for us; “the air inside office buildings, schools, and apartment complexes can contain 10 times more pollution than outdoor air. This is a consequence of toxic emissions from building materials, airborne mold, viruses, and various pollutants” (Mind Body Green). A study from NASA luckily confirmed that, “common houseplants..not only make indoor spaces more attractive, they also help to purify the air”; (Clean Air Gardening). Skip the electric air purifiers for aesthetically friendly decor and invest in houseplants. Enjoy the below

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