Week 17 | Meet Magnesium, Melatonin and CBD: For When You Need To Just Fall Asleep or Lower Anxiety

--Audio Guide-- Sunday nights, “just as the sun is starting to set, the gap between the hopes for myself and the reality of my life start to diverge so painfully”. I heard that quote on a Ted Radio Hour podcast once. It perfectly summarizes the Sunday scaries - you know, the dread that comes and keeps you from sleep at week’s end. In week 5, I touched on the dangers of raised cortisol levels and the damage high stress levels can do to your body. Here in week 17, I will discuss supplements to help you chill out, especially when you’re trying to get to bed and worry is all but welcome. As always, before taking any supplements, please consult your doctor or medical professional. 1) Magnesium

Week 16 | Heal My Heart So I Can Feel Again: Ghosting, Simmering, Icing and Other Modern Day Break U

--Audio Guide-- One of my favorite songs right now has a line, ‘heal my heart so I can feel again’, and I guess it summarizes perfectly why I decided to take this year long journey to discover what it takes to sustain good health and happiness over the long term. I often write from personal experience and mostly because I am trying myself to figure out what the heck is going on - especially when it comes to dating. At some point in your life if you haven't already, you will likely suffer from a break up or some sort of loss of love. It seems so weirdly prevalent and misshapen these days, however. A girlfriend of mine will meet a wonderful guy, but by week 3 or 4 of courtship she cannot get h

Week 15 | A Low Carb Lad and Lady Walk Into a Bar...: A List of The Best Types of Wine, Beer, Liquor

In week 7, I covered how sugar promotes for the retention of fat in the body. Recent studies have gone as far as to link sugar to cancer and for these reasons and many others, day to day, I limit my intake of refined sugars to the point where most all of my carbohydrates only come from fiber. It is the hormonal response that sugars spur in the body that cause fat retention and all sorts of health problems and so it is wise to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels low. Fiber is a kind of carbohydrate, but unlike other types of carbohydrates that can be broken down, fiber cannot be digested or absorbed - it passes through the body undigested and does not call upon the release of insulin or

Week 14 | There is Brain Like Tissue In Your Gut: How The Status Of Your Stomach Is Directly Linked

--Audio Guide-- You know that half an hour before you leave your apartment for a date? Deciding to do things that don’t really matter like watering your plants, talking to your cat or adding yet another coat of mascara? Or is it just me? Am I the only one that gets a little nervous when about to sit to a meal with a potential future holder of my heart? Those things are all variant behaviors stemming from stress and the happenings in your stomach, well we call those butterflies. They flutter in before dates, speeches, job interviews, jumping out of airplanes and so on and they happen because there is a brain in our belly. Yes you heard me right - most people are only aware of the cluster of n

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