Week 22 | The Power of Community: How to Make Friends

--Audio Guide-- I went to the same school from 1st grade to senior year of high school and throughout it I had had a crush on this boy, mostly because he was one of the only boys that was taller than me growing up. I since don’t mind dating guys shorter than me, but anyway…come senior year I decided it was my last chance to profess my deep and longtime love and so I asked him to prom. He said no. A couple of weeks later he couldn’t find a date so he asked me...and I said yes. Oy. Needless to say, I was not the most popular person in school growing up and that is probably why in my adulthood I seek community and the love and inclusion of others so much - because I didn’t have it. It is an un

Week 21 | How to Become More Creative and a Better Problem Solver: The Science Behind Why We Might B

--Audio Guide-- I was once told about a poet who would lay to sleep with a bell in his hand. As the poet would enter the edges of sleep he would naturally lose grip and the bell would fall - awakened by the noise he would immediately take to his pen. That was his creative process - the poet would write in that drowsy place between sleep and wakefulness. While most of us are aware of the two states of being awake and being asleep, there is a state in between called hypnagogia; “the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep” or that “state of consciousness, during the onset of sleep” (Wikipedia). It is within this borderline wakeful state where many, “artists, writers, scientists and invent

Week 20 | Must Read Books: A Curated Summer Reading List to Dive Into

--Audio Guide-- In great curiosity, sadness and mostly frustration that I was starting down a path of living a life unfulfilled, I began my walk into wellness at the turn of the year. Wellness includes more than just fitness and what you eat, it also includes actively and awakenly paying mindful attention to who you surround yourself with (community), how you choose to love and be loved (relationships), how you calm, humble and quiet your mind (spirituality), where you choose to live, how you choose to live (mindfulness) and so on. Wellness is a diverse, all encompassing thing. I am learning about different aspects of it every single day and allow myself to remain open minded to new opinion

Week 19 | Nature Deficit Disorder and The Negative Effects of Not Spending Time In Nature

Did you know that the average American spends over 10 hours a day in front of a screen? That is almost half the day! (Nielsen). In startling comparison, we are spending on average about an hour or less outside; “We tend to be outside for about 5 percent of our day. And that includes, say, walking to the bus stop. It’s not quality time outside” (Wired). Think, as early humans and as we evolved, we “spent up to 99% of our time in natural environments” (Mind Body Green). Being in nature is a part of our DNA. Human beings need nature. Aristotle touched on this and from there a biologist Edward Wilson developed the biophilia hypothesis. It states that, “humans possess an innate tendency to seek

Week 18 | People Who Drink 5 Cups of Coffee A Day Show No Signs of Alzheimer's and Parkinson&#39

It is time to rethink coffee a “plant-based medicine” (Natural Solutions Magazine). On a recent Goop podcast, Dr. Steven Gundry remarked that, “people who drink 5 or more cups of coffee a day have almost no sign of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's”; Important note, “you can't put milk in coffee because it binds [away the advantages] - you can put coconut milk instead” (Goop). So what is it about coffee, wine, blueberries and other dark compounds that are proven to help keep our brain alive for the long term? These food favorites are high in polyphenols. What is a Polyphenol? In a nutshell polyphenols are antioxidants; “Polyphenols are secondary metabolites of plants and are generally involved in d

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