Week 26 | Social Media and Cell Phone Addiction: What You Need To Know About This Rising Public Heal

--Audio Guide-- The other night my friend Cindy was out to dinner with a guy and by dates end she took to our girly group chat to divulge details of the evening. Unfortunately, Cindy's date went with complication; Her date was obsessed with compulsively checking his phone. As soon as her date would put his cell phone away, he would check his Apple Watch, and then pull out his phone and then put it away and then look at his watch and on and on. We have since and most fittingly named him Apple Watch Man. But seriously, I am sure you all can relate - whether you are Cindy in this story or Apple Watch Man who can’t be away from the internet for even a second. Have you ever taken a moment to loo

Week 25 | Everyone is Talking About It, What is Mindfulness?

--Audio Guide-- Whether you think all this wellness stuff is too fluffy or that the science behind it is too complicated to comprehend so why care, you have got to admit we all need a major dose of less doing, more being. Let that sink in for a second; less doing, more being. It’s lonely, I am lonely. There is an increased air of numbness when it comes to our interactions and relationships in life and online. We are all talking to each other, but no one is listening. You’ll try to say or express something and it gets diluted in the noise or it gets buried beneath because of how fast our lives move nowadays. It’s mid-June! Were we all not just toasting to the new year?? Time is flying. What I

Week 24 | Can Somebody Please Explain What Blockchain is in English?! : Financial Wellness, What is

--Audio Guide-- Human Beings have been transacting since as far back as even thousands of years before Christ. Nowadays, transactions are not just to do with the transfer of money for goods and services, transactions take many forms including the movement of data between two people (think emails or text messages). Whether it is buying gum from the mom and pop shop down the street or sending a message via DM on your social media to a friend all the way in Japan, transactions have become almost as essential as breathing to us. To better facilitate transactions between the people, institutions soon ascended and subsequently ruling families rose, countries emerged, monarchs reigned, corporation

Week 23 | Got (Plant-Based) Milk?: A Full List of Pros and Cons of Different Types of Plant Based Mi

--Audio Guide -- Does anyone drink real milk anymore? Dairy has certainly been a staple in the American diet. The USDA guidelines advocate for adiet that incorporates dairy daily due to its calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B and protein content (Self). Regardless, eliminating milk, cheese, yogurt etc. are no longer niche preferences, people are more and more accommodating non-dairy lifestyles. Why Drink Plant-Based Milk In The First Place Arguments against consuming dairy begin with a look at the way humans have evolved - there was no dairy in the diets of humans coming up - “anatomically modern humans presumably achieved adequate nutrition for millennia before the domestication of dairy animals

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