Week 33 | Getting to Know the Higher Functions of the Small Pinecone in Your Brain: The Pineal Gland

The nervous system - which includes the brain, spinal cord, and sensory organs such as the eyes, ears, tongue, skin and nose - is run by electrical impulses. Our nose is told to smell, we think, touch, walk, flex our muscles, feel and everything in between via electrical signals that run between our body and our brain. In contrast, our endocrine system - which includes your sexual organs, the ovaries and the testes, thyroid, adrenal glands found atop each kidney and more, ”use hormones to effect changes in our body, emotions, cognition, and energy” (Conscious Lifestyle Magazine). What is the Pineal: The Science and Higher Understandings The Science: What We Can Measure About the Pineal Glan

Week 32 | The Lymphatic System: A Case For Increasing Your Self Care Rituals and Booking a Massage A

I know a guy who gets a massage every week, I know right, #goals. While I am not a banker and I cannot afford these things (yet), there is argument to strive for allowing for self care rituals such as massages - they help strengthen your lymphatic system and general immunity against infection. Gettin' Around: An Introduction to Circulatory Systems The lymphatic system is one of two circulatory systems in your body. The other circulatory system is called the cardiovascular system or vascular system and it is responsible for moving blood filled with nutrients and oxygen from the heart through to the body and back to the heart, where blood gets filtered, reoxygenated and circulated once more.

Week 31 | What on Earth is Earthing? Reasons to Hop Outside Barefoot As Much As You Can

--Audio Guide -- Before I moved to New York I lived in LA for 8 years. When I started telling folks of my plans to move to the city, one of my friends, let’s call her Cindy, warned me about my impending coastal change. Cindy had lived in New York and she went on to explain her weekly existence included waking up in a small corner room she rented downtown that had no windows. Every morning she would make her way to the subway via a tunnel connected with her apartment building and just the same when she got to her office in midtown, an underground walkway took her to her office building where she would ride the elevator up and just in time to sit at her cubicle desk, whose only light was fluor

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