Week 52 | Thank You.

--Audio Guide-- They say space is the final frontier … it’s not. You are. “A single brain contains more electrical connections than there are galaxies in space” (The New Yorker). To get “well” or to tap into wellness means uncovering and discovering your true self. Wherever it is that you begin, whether it be that you are looking to eat more healthy, coursing to better your mind, answering a calling to engage more with the environment or your community, hoping to get in shape, whatever it is, I have come to uncover that all roads lead to the self. You come into this world alone and you will leave it alone, you, yourself and you. Any journey into wellness will call for the profound recogniti

Week 50 | Get That Glow: Unusual Beauty Tips for Men and Women

--Audio Guide-- At Burning Man this year - as all good stories start - I met a now dear friend Zach. He was like the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (but better looking). You see, Zach had a cure for anything and everything, but it wasn’t Windex. If I would subtly mention, “wow, my skin is so dry”, “geez, I need a shower”, “ouch, I have a cut”, he’d readily whip out a flask and instruct me to put some mezcal on it. So many an afternoon I’d splash mezcal into my hands, all over my body, (into my mouth), on to my hair, and it moisturized, it detoxified, it clarified - yes, mezcal cured all. Whether you’re a woman or man, this week I would actually love to hear from you all. What are some

Week 49 | A Case For A Cold Shower: One of The Most Important Nerves In Our Body Is Beginning to Lay

--Audio Guide-- Ever been to a yoga class and wonder why all the crazy hippies around you moan and groan at exhale? It is for good reason, when you sigh it out and sound, the vibration stimulates one of the most important nerves in the body that intersects “virtually all of our internal organs” (UpLift and YouTube). Meet the vagus nerve. There are basically two states within which we live: one of calm, a state mitigated by the parasympathetic nervous system and the other a state of anxiety or fight or flight, managed by the sympathetic nervous system. The vagus nerve is an essential part of the parasympathetic response that allows for peace of mind. Unfortunately, via looming work deadlines,

Week 48 | Nipples.

--Audio Guide-- In the words of Esther Perel, “the myth that sex is natural has done harm to so many people because it presumes that you should just know rather than the fact that it is something that we learn to appreciate, to experience - we cultivate it. It’s an art and if you think it is natural you often remain ignorant”. Sex has been massively performance driven, linked by and to outcome; “because we live in an industrialized [culture], we really want to be able to quantify sex: how many orgasms, how long, how hard, how many pills and all of that rather than understanding that the erotic is a beautiful radiant interlude that is massively unproductive. It has no numbers. You can’t measu

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