Year 2, Week 16 | Feel Limitless: The Power of Plants and An Introduction to Adaptogens

Do you remember that movie Limitless? Lest we forget, Bradley Cooper was in it. If you missed it, blasphemy! The movie was about Bradley stumbling upon a pill that gave him sharp mental acuity, stamina and strength - how nice would that be! To find something that would allow you to function at your highest, most super human form. In fact, you guys, I've felt that. On certain days and with certain herbs, I can feel my life's force. Introducing: Adadptogens. I just recently moved to Soho-Chinatown-ish and from Mulberry and Kenmare down to Canal, I am always astounded by how many 80+ year old residents walk the streets with resilience, alertness and strength, sometimes with more outward and pro

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