Year 2, Week 49 | On Fasting

Alright here we go! I am headed into another fast. It is Tuesday, I will not eat until Thursday. I am doing a 36 hour this round. I did a 48 hour last week. I base my fasting on where I am in my cycle and if I forget what day I am on I simply look up at the moon, I am now timed to it. Being a woman is friggin fantastic!! There are scientific and spiritual reasons for why I fast - for example I had a lucid dream on the heels of a 48 hour fast last week where I gained control and was able to walk around and talk to people in my dream! See Year 1, Week 21 for more on dream states - people we know as “geniuses” (Einstein, Tesla, Dali, Beethoven) were known to wake up within their dreams and ga

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