The Medicine and The Magic: Stinging Nettle | The Herb That Fueled Julius Caesar and The Roman Army

GENERAL EFFECT: Energizing, nutritive HOW TO USE HER: Nettle makes a delicious pesto, but I most often drink her as an overnight tea, infusion SCIENTIFIC NAME: Urtica dioica -- Did you know the great queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra bore the children of 2 great Roman heads of state: Julius Caesar and his successor Mark Antony. It’s a big deal, Cleopatra was that powerful a seductress and leader that she powerfully combined her presence with politics and folded under her wing leaders from the greatest civilization at the time, Rome. The only other woman in modern history to have wed two presidents or heads of state in her lifetime was Graca Machel, Nelson Mandela's third wife. Nevertheless,

The Medicine and The Magic | Damiana: An Herb Known As ‘The Wild One Who Tames’

GENERAL EFFECT: Nervous system calming, mood enhancer HOW TO USE HER: I take her as a tea, I stir her into my Cacao, but you can also infuse Damiana into spirits, cc: GemAndBolt SCIENTIFIC NAME: Turnera diffusa The day I finally have a man, a partner by my side, on Friday nights you will not be able to reach us. I already know my man will be the sort who walks into a room and by mere presence, he doesn’t even have to say a word, all heads will turn. The end of the week will be the time for me to refuel my beloved with this, the energy he needs to take on the world - and he will provide for me the same. Where I have learned to gather my strength from the Earth, I will impart my knowledge on

The Medicine and The Magic: Oatstraw, An Herb To Calm Your Nerves

General Effect: Calming, nervous system restorative How to Use Her: I like to take my Oatstraw as an infusion (a strong tea steeped overnight) Scientific Name: Avena sativa -- When most people think of herbs, the mind drifts to household names like black pepper, rosemary, and thyme - but boy oh boy, you guys there are a plethora of plants that you can use to adjust your state of being and almost instantly. I am so happy and excited to start writing about the medicine and the magic of herbs, botanicals and plants like today’s: Oatstraw. Legend has it that as a child, Gaia, yes, mother earth herself, was weaned and grown on a regime of Oatstraw. Good enough to grow a goddess, this naturally gl

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