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Week 52 | Thank You.

--Audio Guide--

They say space is the final frontier … it’s not. You are.

“A single brain contains more electrical connections than there are galaxies in space” (The New Yorker).

To get “well” or to tap into wellness means uncovering and discovering your true self. Wherever it is that you begin, whether it be that you are looking to eat more healthy, coursing to better your mind, answering a calling to engage more with the environment or your community, hoping to get in shape, whatever it is, I have come to uncover that all roads lead to the self.

You come into this world alone and you will leave it alone, you, yourself and you. Any journey into wellness will call for the profound recognition that there is so much more to you, apparently more even than there are places in space. A true journey seeking better health and happiness will most likely have you facing yourself, questioning, who am I? Why am I here? What is my meaning?​

To be well you have to know who you are. But where to even start? How do you find your true self? Oprah in conversation with Eckhart Tolle put it best, start with the understanding that, “you are not the voice in your head - you are the one who is aware of it. You are awareness”. You are consciousness - and the thoughts that careen in and out of your mind are mere constructions of your upbringing, culture, family history and so on. Your ability to understand that your thoughts are not you will save you from spiraling into the anxiety social media, society, politics, and vain comparisons afford us these days.

And once well on into the journey of finding yourself, a funny thing happens ... you begin to love. You find a love so deep for yourself, for the simple things, for people, places, nature, everything around you. You begin to realize we are all one. I read on a friend’s post, “love is that we all just miss each other from the big bang” - love is that energy that holds us together still.

I want to thank you all for tuning into my year’s journey - my wish is that you take my writing, which only scratched the surface of what is and what can be, and start asking questions, get curious, get well and with that you will find you cannot help but go inward, you cannot help but love.

Goodbye for now.


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