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Welcome to Wellness

What does it take to be happy? I mean truly happy - walking down the street and smiling for no reason, happy.

For so long my mental health has been pegged to whether a guy texted me back or if someone brought cupcakes to work - frivolous things that do not allow for sustained happiness and health.

On top of all of that, how was 2008 ten years ago! Life is moving so fast, it's passing me by....I fear that I am no longer present, no longer taking time to just be in a moment.

And so for the next 52 weeks I'm diving into this thing called wellness: I'm trying new things, putting in an effort to be more mindful + present and figuring out the science behind all that it is I choose to do - what it is I choose to eat, how I choose to stay fit, who I surround myself with and so on; all this with the hopes of improving my health, happiness and the community + environment around me.

From this to that, I will be documenting my journey into wellness here on Well, There's This.

Welcome to wellness.

xx Nana

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