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Year 2, Week 49 | On Fasting

Alright here we go! I am headed into another fast. It is Tuesday, I will not eat until Thursday. I am doing a 36 hour this round. I did a 48 hour last week. I base my fasting on where I am in my cycle and if I forget what day I am on I simply look up at the moon, I am now timed to it. Being a woman is friggin fantastic!! There are scientific and spiritual reasons for why I fast - for example I had a lucid dream on the heels of a 48 hour fast last week where I gained control and was able to walk around and talk to people in my dream! See Year 1, Week 21 for more on dream states - people we know as “geniuses” (Einstein, Tesla, Dali, Beethoven) were known to wake up within their dreams and gain inspiration. I have found that fasting allows me to become super energetic and I am better at seeing and feeling the things that are super subtle. “Wellness” has commercialized the point and most people don’t even realize they are asleep, but there is a mysticism to being human and you can tap into it. For example, the point of yoga is not "to get a great workout in"... The science behind fasting is that the only proven way to slow aging is through taking sporadic breaks from eating - our DNA is slow to evolve, it is still stuck in a time when we were walking on prairies hungry most of the time. You also break down all sorts of pathways by eating all day - especially sugar and carbohydrates which are 99% of the American diet...don't get me started. It’s taken time for me to separate my eating from emotions and as entertainment, but as with everything I am finding it’s all just about mastering your mind and WAKING UP. The body of knowledge that is Tantra is great (read Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Wallis ), kundalini yoga rocks, Bulletproof is great, the app Zero and Dr. Peter Attia help for Intermittent Fasting, the book Woman Code is great and so are Charlena Ishani and Oliver Huntley. Talk to your doctor too thank you.


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