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The Medicine and The Magic: Oatstraw, An Herb To Calm Your Nerves

General Effect: Calming, nervous system restorative

How to Use Her: I like to take my Oatstraw as an infusion (a strong tea steeped overnight)

Scientific Name: Avena sativa


When most people think of herbs, the mind drifts to household names like black pepper, rosemary, and thyme - but boy oh boy, you guys there are a plethora of plants that you can use to adjust your state of being and almost instantly. I am so happy and excited to start writing about the medicine and the magic of herbs, botanicals and plants like today’s: Oatstraw.

Legend has it that as a child, Gaia, yes, mother earth herself, was weaned and grown on a regime of Oatstraw. Good enough to grow a goddess, this naturally gluten-free herb is much like a mother’s milk, extremely nutritive, creamy, smooth, thick and sweet. Let’s get to know her medicine and magic.

The Medicine

Oatstraw is well known to herbalists as an herb to calm the nerves and nervous system - a nervine. You can take her to fortify your body and brain against stress and burnout and along the way because of her healthful properties, nourish your body with powerful antioxidants and minerals like calcium.

Oatstraw are green oats - they come from the immature, unripened oat plant, harvested while she is still young.

Used for well over 3000 years, she is also a well known herb of fertility taken to help prepare the womb. Because Oatstraw promotes anti-inflammatory properties, it can help ease nerve tension and inflammation throughout the body, bringing on the kind of relaxation needed in the womb for new life to better implant.

The Magic

Most likely synonymous with money because selling your harvest, oats and grains at market would bring on seasonal sustenance, Oatstraw is an herb of prosperity. Intentionally and ritually soak with her in a bath and folklore has it, you will soon be surrounded by abundance.

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